Course Schedule - Spring Semester 2020


HART 460 001 (CRN: 24102)


Department: Art History
Instructor: Huang, Shih-Shan S.
Meeting: 1:00PM - 3:30PM T HRG 126 (13-JAN-2020 - 24-APR-2020) 
Session: Full Term
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course Type: Seminar
Method of Instruction: Face to Face
Credit Hours: 3
Course Syllabus:
Course Materials: Rice Campus Store
Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s):
Undergraduate Professional
Visiting Undergraduate
Section Max Enrollment: 0 (permission required) Instructor Permission Required
Section Enrolled: 1
Total Cross-list Max Enrollment: 0
Total Cross-list Enrolled: 2
Enrollment data as of: 4-AUG-2020 9:13PM
Fees: None
Final Exam: Take-Home Exam
Final Exam Time:
2:00PM - 5:00PM U TBA TBA
Description: This course will study woodblock print illustrations in the context of cultural change. Buddhism and printing have been closely related since the dawn of the age of print. Many scriptures reproduced by woodblock printing were imbedded with illustrations, which themselves offer an effective tool to study cultural transformation. The seminar draws sources from both images and texts. Its cross-cultural perspective highlights nomads and non-Chinese peoples as agents of cultural transformation, with additional visual comparisons from Korean, Japanese, and Islamic traditions. In addition to weekly discussions, the final evaluation includes a research paper and a 30-minute presentation. Students should have an advanced background in Chinese art to take this seminar. Readings will include both Chinese and English sources. Some classes will meet at area museums. Recommended Prerequisite(s): HART 372 or ASIA 372; students should have Chinese reading skills Mutually Exclusive: Cannot register for HART 460 if student has credit for HART 564/HART 661.