Course Schedule - Fall Semester 2015


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COLL 100 001 (CRN: 13825)


Department: College Courses
Instructor: Breeding, Nicholas W.
Meeting: 7:00PM - 7:59PM W (24-AUG-2015 - 4-DEC-2015) 
Part of Term: Full Term
Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Course Type: Seminar
Language of Instruction: Taught in English
Method of Instruction: Face to Face
Credit Hours: 1
Course Syllabus:
Section Max Enrollment: 16
Section Enrolled: 14
Waitlisted: 0 (Max 99) 
Current members of the waitlist have priority for available seats.
Enrollment data as of: 14-JUN-2024 1:22PM
Additional Fees: None
Final Exam: No Final Exam
Description: To be a proper storyteller, one must first have a story to tell, and there’s no better way of creating a story than being inside of one. In this class, you will use the classic tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 edition), to create that very story. Using the rules of D&D and the inspiration of ancient mythologies, you will create and embody a character of your own making. After that, you’ll test your metal against a world created by your peers, and face unimaginable challenges with nothing but your own imagination. The aim of this course is to awaken interest in ancient legend, grant experience in improvisation and effective communication, and encourage you to approach everyday problems in new and creative ways.