Course Catalog - 2021-2022



Long Title: IMPERIAL CITY: ISTANBUL 1453-1922
Department: Architecture
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Language of Instruction: Taught in English
Course Type: Seminar
Credit Hours: 3
Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s):
Undergraduate Professional
Visiting Undergraduate
Description: This thematic seminar examines significant historical moments in the architectural and urban cultural of the Ottoman imperial capital from the moment it was conquered until the demise of the Ottoman empire. Weekly readings and discussions will cover a range of topics including building patronage, architectural decorum, the Byzantine legacy, artistic relations with Persia, India and Europe, cultural pluralism, neighborhood and public life, law and urban order, modernity and modernization. Cross-list: HART 321, Graduate/Undergraduate Equivalency: ARCH 521. Mutually Exclusive: Cannot register for ARCH 331 if student has credit for ARCH 521.
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