Course Schedule - Spring Semester 2020


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GLBL 515 001 (CRN: 23075)


Department: Global Affairs
Instructor: Barnes, Joe
Meeting: 6:00PM - 8:59PM R (2-MAR-2020 - 24-APR-2020) 
Part of Term: 2nd Half of Full Term
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course Type: Lecture
Language of Instruction: Taught in English
Method of Instruction: Face to Face
Credit Hours: 1.5
Course Syllabus:
Course Materials: Rice Campus Store
Must be enrolled in one of the following Program(s):
Master of Arts Global Affairs
Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s):
Section Max Enrollment: 26
Section Enrolled: 20
Enrollment data as of: 21-JUL-2024 8:25AM
Additional Fees: None
Final Exam: GR Course-Dept Schedules Exam
Description: U.S. foreign policy is in transition. This process began long before President Donald J. Trump assumed office. We have moved decisively into what could be called “the post-post-Cold War” era. The global struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States ended 25 years go. But so has the “unipolar moment” that followed the Cold War, when the United States possessed unrivalled power in world affairs. The rise of China, the resurgence of Russia, and continuing turmoil in the Middle East confront U.S. policy-makers with an array of complex challenges. This course focuses on these and other issues that are shaping U.S. foreign policy today. It will include discussions of topics “ripped from the news” whether we are talking about the Syrian Civil War, the ongoing low-intensity conflict in the Ukraine, or Chinese military actions in the South China Sea. Master of Global Affairs students only.