Course Schedule - Fall Semester 2015


FWIS 116 001 (CRN: 13619)


Department: First-Year Writing Intensive
Instructor: Hall, Randal
Meeting: 2:00PM - 4:59PM T HNZ 202 (24-AUG-2015 - 4-DEC-2015) 
Session: First Year Writing
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course Type: Seminar
Language of Instruction: Taught in English
Distribution Group: Distribution Group I
Method of Instruction: Face to Face
Credit Hours: 3
Course Syllabus:
Section Max Enrollment: 15
Section Enrolled: 12
Enrollment data as of: 4-JUN-2023 6:42PM
Additional Fees: None
Final Exam: No Final Exam
Description: The narratives of travelers in the US are a window into history. Drawing on authors like Crevecoeur, Tocqueville, Trollope, and Kerouac, the class will discuss and write about themes such as Indian life and territorial expansion, democracy, slavery, civil war, western settlement, and 20th-cent. social movements. This course is eligible for credit toward the major in History.
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