Course Schedule - Fall Semester 2015


CHEM 492 001 (CRN: 11396)


Department: Chemistry
Instructor: Kurti, Laszlo
Meeting: TBA TBA (24-AUG-2015 - 4-DEC-2015) 
Session: Full Term
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course Type: Research
Language of Instruction: Taught in English
Method of Instruction: Face to Face
Credit Hours: 5
Course Syllabus:
Prerequisites: CHEM 391
Section Max Enrollment: 0 (permission required) Instructor Permission Required
Section Enrolled: 1
Enrollment data as of: 10-DEC-2023 11:05AM
Additional Fees: None
Final Exam: No Final Exam
Description: The 1st half of the Honors Research Program. CHEM 492 and CHEM 493 function as a pair and must be taken in the same academic year. Registration for CHEM 492 requires a commitment to register for CHEM 493. Requirements include at least 15 hours of laboratory research per week and written and/or oral progress reports. The sequence will culminate in the completion of a thesis (research report) in the spring ter. Instructor permission required; for approved students only. Applications must be submitted to the course instructor February 1 - August 1. Students are encouraged to apply early. Students who complete the Chemistry Honors Research Program are given primary consideration for "Distinction in Research and Creative Work," a university award for select undergraduates, chosen by the department and granted at commencement, which appears on the transcript and diploma. Ordinarily offered Fall term.