Course Catalog - 2016-2017


HART 506 - HISTORY & THEORY III 1890-1968

Long Title: HISTORY AND THEORY III - 1890-1968
Department: Art History
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Language of Instruction: Taught in English
Course Type: Lecture
Credit Hours: 3
Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s):
Prerequisite(s): ARCH 345 OR HART 345 OR ARCH 645 OR HART 645
Description: This course surveys the history and theory of architecture and urbanism between 1890 and 1968, tracing the critical shifts in architectural thought and practice that inaugurated, constituted, and questioned architectural modernism. In particular, the course considers the development of architectural knowledge as the field engaged and contributed to the great social, political, cultural, and technological changes of the period. Organized around a series of significant case studies considered particular designed responses to their material, intellectual, and sociopolitical context, the course elucidates the influence of contingent conditions on architectural design, but emphasizes the designer's efforts to reinforce, reform, or transform those conditions. The course charts the ongoing attempt to account for this activity historically and theoretically and the operative role of these accounts both during the period and subsequently. Cross-list: ARCH 646.